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U23 Australian Road Championships

In 2010, Aaron Eynaud and Trent Morey juggled their cycling with the more important goal of achieving the highest Year 12 result possible.  Trent challenged himself further by sitting his exams with a broken left wrist and broken right thumb due to a forward dive off his bike in October. Since Year 12 is now finished, both riders (only 18 years old) have […]

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Bay Criterium Report

The Macdonald Shaw cycling team was launched at the Bay Criterium Series in Geelong.  The 4 day criterium series showcased some of the worlds fastest cyclists and was a fantastic opportunity for our team to gain valuable experience against the very best criterium riders. A special thanks goes to the parents of athletes for their support in transporting athletes to […]

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Macdonald Shaw Riders

Greg Macdonald (General Manager of Macdonald Shaw), along with Kelly Cycle Coaching, Fitzroy Cycles, Walkinshaw Performance and Powered by Cummquott are all involved in the Macdonald Shaw Cycling Team.   The combined financial assistance from Greg Macdonal, Bill Hocking, Tony Harris and Mark Cummings, has helped provide an emerging group of riders a better chance to develop into National level riders, along with […]

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