Here are a number of questions I get asked frequently by athletes thinking about being coached by Kelly Cycle Coaching.

Does it matter what cycling club I belong to?
No, we coach riders from many different clubs and several different countries so it doesn’t matter which club you are affiliated with. 

Do you coach cyclists of all ages and abilities?
Yes, definitely.  In fact, the majority of my athletes are masters age which includes riders aged between 30 years old and 80 years old. The most senior Kelly Cycle Coaching rider is 75 years old.

I don’t see age as an obstacle. The beauty of cycling is that it can be done for many years as it isn’t as harsh on the body as running (and other impact sports) can be.

Do you have physio’s, dieticians and sports doctors you recommend?
Yes, definitely.  These are all listed on our website but you are welcome to pursue professionals that live in your area.

Can I be coached for challenge events and Gran Fondo’s as I don’t want to race?

Yes, most definitely.  I have a group of cyclists training for Three Peaks Challenge, Cradle Mountain Challenge, Amy’s Gran Fondo, Robbie McEwen’s Gold Coast Challenge and L’etape in December. My coaching is specifically targeted to improve fitness for these long events.

Can I target weight loss as well as fitness?

Yes, you certainly can.  Weight gain is often a by-product of not exercising enough and eating too much.  My coaching program often results in athletes trimming down as they focus on eating well, watching their volume of food, changing their routine and exercising regularly.

Can you coach me specifically with power?
Yes, I coach many athletes who use power, (in conjunction with heartrate), to monitor your training efforts and improve the way you train.

How do I receive my program?

Kelly Cycle Coaching uses an online web-based coaching platform called Training Peaks. This can be accessed via the internet or via the Training Peaks App. This platform combines the latest technology to enable the coaches to deliver be best possible programming and analytics and offer you a more efficient and all-round better coaching experience.

Do you coach cyclists who mostly ride road bikes?

Yes, the majority of Kelly Cycle Coaching athletes are roadies but some also like to ride or race MTB/CX for fitness and fun.  Conversely, I have some cyclists who prefer CX and mountain bike riding/racing and they use the road for their specific endurance/strength development.