About Me

Welcome to Kelly Cycle Coaching

The Kelly Cycle coaching company owned by Helen Kelly is truly unique.  The expertise and depth of her coaching ensures that all cyclists receive coaching to suit their different needs.

“At Kelly Cycle Coaching, I am passionate about cycling and want to help you achieve your cycling goals.”

Kelly Cycle Coaching is a professionally operated cycle coaching business suitable to all levels of cyclists.

Kelly Cycle Coaching’s philosophy is to:

  • ensure athletes don’t neglect their personal/family life in pursuit of their cycling goals
  • develop a well-rounded athlete who also socialises outside their circle of cycling friends
  • ensure the athlete maintains a co-operative relationship within their family/personal environment

The founder of Kelly Cycle Coaching was Bob Kelly.  Bob coached cyclists, swimmers and triathletes for over 25 years and has directed women’s teams in NZ, Australia, Canada and Europe.  Bob has past on much of his knowledge to Helen Kelly, his wife.  He remains in the background as her resource as Helen carries out the day to day coaching role.

Helen was a professional road cyclist for 10 years.  She also competed in the individual pursuit on the track at a National and International level, and then finally pursued mountain biking in the latter years of her cycling journey.

Helen – UCI Road World Championships, Madrid