Sports Dietitians
The food you fuel your body with, is fundamentally important and impacts on how well you train and race. 
The following dieticians are available to help you with all of your dietary needs:

Benita Lalor
Performance Dietitian
• Accredited Practicing Dietitian (APD)
• Bachelor of applied Science (Nutrition and Exercise Science)
• Master of Nutrition and Dietetics
• IOC Diploma in Sports Nutrition

Benita Lalor

Benita Currently works as the Performance Dietitian and Recovery Coordinator at the Essendon Football Club and also consults to the DEC Victorian Bushrangers.  Benita has a private practice in Southbank which individual consultations can be made by appointment.

Benita has worked with elite developmental, Olympic and professional athletes in a range of individual and team sports.

Areas of Interest:
• Fuelling for training and competition
• Recovery
• Hydration preparation
• Competition strategies
• Immune Function
• Supplement Use

Mobile: 0410 477 787

Benita is consulting via skype.

Maude Ruegg
Accredited Practicing Dietitian (APD)
Masters of Nutrition and Dietetics, Grad. Cert. Paediatric Nutrition.

Maude Ruegg

Maude has been working as a Dietitian for more than 10 years
She has a wide range of experience having worked in Hospitals, Community
Health and more recently as a private consultant.
She has a keen interest and strong experience in providing tailored nutrition
advice to individuals, ranging from adolescents and adults.
Maude works to assist her clients to achieve ultimate nutrition for their needs.

Areas of interest:
Improving Sports Performance
•  Hydration and Sports drinks
•  Fuelling and refuelling for competition
•  Protein Intake
•  Sports nutrition supplements
•  Recovery Nutrition
•  Preparing Nutrition Plans for Competition

Maude also provides consultations in General nutrition including:
•  Weight Loss
•  Diabetes Management
•  Food Allergy and Intolerance

Maude has a strong passion for good food and good fitness. She is herself a
keen runner and a keen cook.

Mobile: 0415 298 812