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Wangaratta Tour

A group of Kelly Cycle Coaching athletes braved 2C weather to race in the fog (and later in sunny conditions) in Wangaratta last weekend.

Michael Hale finished 4th in GC. He also broke clear with another rider and went on to win the 52km stage 3 road race.

Clement rode an aggressive tour and was constantly attacking and chasing dangerous moves.  He was in a break in stage 3 and stayed clear to earn maximum KOM sprint points for the first climb of stage 3.  

Munro rode a solid tour.  He finished in the top 10 in stage 1, a 42km kermesse, held in foggy and cold conditions.  He also time trialled well over the 18km windy course.

Monica had a great 2 day tour.  She finished 6th in stage 1, which included a 2nd place in the intermediate sprint.  She climbed strongly, coming in just behind the leaders up the steep hilltop finish of stage 2.  She put in a solid performanace in stage 4, the 13km TT, held over the U19 State Championship course.

The coaches also had a go at racing.  Bob raced B grade against guys that were just young pups, and managed to beat a few of them.  He also borrowed George’s TT bike (thanks George), fully decked out with electronic shifting and rode faster than some of the A grade men.

Helen found herself demoted to C grade after attacking too early in stage 1 (in B grade), and getting dropped by the bunch. The friendly cycling rivalry between Bob and Helen was definitely revealed as Bob proudly announced that he had finally beaten his wife.  Helen finished 7th in an uphill sprint finish of stage 2 and 3rd in stage 4, 13km time trial.

Grant Boydell raced with Monica Kelly in D grade.  He rode well and finished in the bunch sprint in stage 1. Deciding to enjoy the serenity of stage 2 and 3, he rode at his own pace and finished both hilly courses well.  There were several beats laid down in the lead up to the final stage, the time trial, about who was going to catch who.  Grant looked very happy at the end, as he won his beat, and without any aero bars or fancy helmet.

Thanks to Julie and Allan Hale for being our management team during the two days.  Their supply of cups of coffee, hot pasta, banana muffins, salad rolls and other yummy items, as well as the use of their winterbago made the weekend very enjoyable.

Metro & Country Road Champions

 Metro and Country Championships

We now have 3 new Road and Metropolitan Road Champions.
Congratulations to Emily Dunk, Emily Wordie-Thompson and Monica Kelly who all won their respective races on the weekend.

Well done to everyone who competed in the Metro and Country Road Championships on the weekend.
Results from the weekend are:

Athlete Place Comment
Emily Dunk 1st She broke away in the final 2km and won solo.
Drew Morey 8th Contested well in the sprint finish
Grace Fryer 7th Finding her legs after being sick for a few weeks
Aaron Eynaud 4th Narrowly missed the podium after a strongly contested sprint from the break
Brad Wills 10th Rode strongly to finish behind the front group
Michael Hale 5th A great ride Michael. In the break on lap 1, and due to back pain had to drop off the break but finished ahead of the chasing peloton
Bryce Morey 7th Rode strongly to finish behind the break
Hayden Eynaud 10th Rode well to finish behind the break.
Sean McIver 11th Rode well over the hills. 
Morgan Curtis DNF Welcome back from China.  You will soon find your road legs again.
 Emily Wordie Thompson  1st  She broke away at the top of the final climb and soloed 7km to victory.
Dylan Bilston 4th Sprinted well and finished just off the podium.  He was a bit tired from running 6km during the week and pushing wheelbarrows of cement with his brother.
Emma Bilston 3rd Had a mechanical and rode the entire 30km course with one gear only – an U11 roll out gear.
Liam White 3rd Rode aggressively. Got into the break.  Just dropped off it and time trialled to 3rd place ahead
of the peleton. A great ride after only being back on his bike for 8 weeks.
Monica Kelly 1st She is improving every race and is now the U19 Country Road Race Champion.

We wish Simon Nankin well as he recovers from having his appendix out last week. 
Other athletes who were sick and unable to ride included Clement Boydell, Will Allen, Jack Quibell, Munro Boydell.

The coaches also pulled on some cycling knicks and stretched out their legs around the course.  Helen finished 3rd and Bob was 4th.

Dylan Bilston - Happy to be on the start line

Emily WT - celebrates her new Country Road Race Title

Emily spins her way to 3rd place using a 4.85m gear

Helen finishes 3rd

Check out some great photos taken by Leanne Cole.  For full results refer to the CSV website

Lots of Photos Added

Check out the photo gallery!!!

We’ve just added loads of Alpe d’buffalo, Leongatha Junior Experience and Ararat junior tour photos.

A special thanks to Di Bilston for all the fantastic photos she’s taken.  Also thanks to Robin Dunk for sending through some photos of Emily from the Leongatha Junior Experience.

For any parents who have racing photos from the weekend, and want to share them with the other athletes, please send them through to us.  If possible, please compress them first to web page size.

And finally, well done to everyone who raced in Ararat this weekend.  We had some great results from both the time trial and the road races.

Leongatha Junior Experience

Leongatha Junior Experience

Congratulations to all the fantastic results at the Leongatha Junior Experience on the weekend. Most Kelly Cycle Coaching athletes were either on the podium after each race or finishing top 5 and top 10. This is a good indication of what is to come during the road season. 

Well done to the following athletes for your results over the weekend:

  • Emily Dunk
  • Emily Wordie-Thompson
  • Emma Bilston (although unfortuately she had to stop racing due to an illness)
  • Drew Morey
  • Jack Quibell
  • Clement Boydell
  • Sean McIver
  • Munro Boydell
  • Liam White
  • Dylan Bilston

Drew "Man Morey"

Victorian Junior Criterium Championshps (New Photos)

Report by Emma Bilston

The Criterium Championships were again held at Castlemaine. This year a challenging, but less dangerous course was created. It was a tough course which was raced around one block in the main streets of Castlemaine. Two lengths of the course were uphill then leading into two downhill legs made the event quite challenging. The weather for racing was perfect as there was minimal breeze and the rain held off until the final race of the day. The temperature was perfect reaching 28C.

As I was the only U15 female rider entered, I had to race with the U17 females which would make my day even more gruelling than I thought. In the early stages of the race I found the pace very fast but stayed in contention with the lead bunch. As the race progressed I found that I was just hanging onto the lead bunch but managed to climb quite comfortably when riding the uphills. Being on restricted gears made it tough and I knew it would be hard at the finish. Coming around the final corner I was still on the lead bunch and sprinted as hard as I could, to finish 4th.

My team mate Emily Wordie-Thompson who also raced, was very strong throughout the race. Emily rode an attacking race which kept the pace extremely quick. The lead bunch lapped several riders. It was a close finish for second and in the end, Emily Wordie-Thompson had to settle for bronze in the women’s U17 race.

My brother Dylan Bilston, won silver in the U13 boys event. Dylan worked hard at the front of the bunch from the opening lap and dictated the pace for the majority of the race. The field finally broke up leaving a main group of five serious contenders. Coming into the final corner Dylan was in second place and could not quite get to the leader in the final uphill sprint.

Thanks for reading,
Emma Bilston

Refer to the CSV site for all results.

U13 Dylan Bilston, 2nd
U13 Emily Dunk, 2nd
U17 Michael Hale, 6th
U 17 Emily Wordie-Thompson, 3rd
Emma Bilston, 4th

 Thank you to Emily Dunk for providing the following photos from the Junior Criterium Championships.  And congratulations on finishing 2nd in your very first road race!!!

Interview with Harry Bade

Kelly Cycling Coaching chatted with Harry Bade, who finished 2nd in the State Omnium Titles on the weekend.  Read on to find out all the details of how his epic 9hr day unfolded.
Congratulations Harry on your 2nd place in the U19 State Omnium Titles on the weekend.  Is this the first time, you’ve ever competed in an omnium?
I actually competed in an Omnium for the first time last year as a first time U19, so I had an idea what was coming. But I was at a completely different level then and this was the first time I’d ever really been in contention.
So what was the first event you did and how did you go?  Was this a good time for you?
First up we rode the 1km TT, considered one of the hardest events in an Omnium. I had a technical issue in that I cracked my handlebars in the start, but luckily I was able to recover and place second by just 0.2 of a second. My time of 1min10sec was a bit down on my PB of 1min08sec, but the main thing was that I was able to retain 2nd place.


What was the next event?  Did you maintain your overall position after this 2nd event?
From here we moved onto the Flying 200m- not being a srinter I think the last time I rode one of these events was in the Omnium last year!  With a bit of last minute technical advice I managed to pull out an 11.7, a PB for me, which was fantastic in that it again placed me second so the top of the placings remained unchanged.
Which competitor did you most worry about during the omnium? 
Brent Nelson, a teammate of mine from the National titles earlier this year [ed: where the boys won the U19 Team Pursuit national championships] was certainly my biggest worry going into the event. He was in amazing form and managed to win every event by significant margins, showing he was in a different league to the rest of us on the day.  After he was clearly going to take the [overall] win, I made sure I would hold my 2nd position over 3rd place Mark Sylvester, which I was able to do.

Did you implement any strategies to specifically mark any riders during the points and scratch races?
Due to the shortness of the Scratch race (20 laps) I knew it was unlikely any rider would manage a breakaway, which proved to be true, but I made sure to be on Brent’s wheel whenever possible so I could follow him if he did. In the points I raced much more aggressively and spent more of the race attacking than following, but again by staying near both Brent and Mark I was able to make sure that if they did break, I would be with them.

Which event did you find the hardest and why? 
I definately found the points race the hardest- by the end of 9 hours of racing my body was starting to cave in and after attacking from the gun and staying away for 10 laps I was at the end of my energy reserves. I just had to keep in mind that everyone would be feeling the same; luckily this was true and I again placed 2nd.
What is your favourite event out of the 5 events?
After an entire summer of such dedicated training I could say the [individual] Pursuit- although shorter than our full distance it really is my sort of event, and it was really pleasing to record a time (2.21) around the same as the split time from my 3km pursuit from Nationals, even after 3 events.
How long did you warm up and cool down for each event?  Do you use rollers or a wind trainer?  How did your legs feel after 3 or 4 events? 
For the first event I made sure I was fully warmed because of the need to go from the gun- so around 30-40 mins of intensive efforts and spinning. After this event the cool down became more important than the warm up as our bodies were already so ready and I tried to avoid using any energy that wasn’t completely necessary. I always bring my road bike to use on the rollers to track events as I find it gives me the ability to both do efforts and spin out the legs with a very low resistance.
For the technically minded athletes, what gear did you use for the 1km time trial and the 2km Individual Pursuit?  Were you happy with your gear selection?
I use a 96.4 inch gear in both the [individual 2km] pursuit and the [1km] time trial, which is the same as what I use in a one off event. I put a lot of time into selecting this gear earlier in the season and was very happy with it. For the mass start races I put my gear back to 94.5 so I had the power to sprint and work at max while still being able to sprint, and again this gear was just right.

Since the Omnium is now an Olympic event, is this an event you think you’d like to pursue?
With the removal of both the Madison and the Individual Pursuit [from the Olympic program], if I ever was to reach a near Olympic level then yes, this would be the event I would focus on. But especially with the extension from next year onwards it will really become an ultra-endurance event by track standards, and I believe I would be more suited to the [Individual] Pursuit, which I will be able to focus on at any level lower than this.
Many readers may not know this, but the format of the omnium is soon changing. The distances for the current 5 events will be significantly extended and they’ve also added a 6th event, the elimination race.  Did you think this will make the omnium even tougher? 
Although tough this year, in comparison to next year, [I think] our Omnium will have been a walk in the park.  The extension of the pursuit from 2km to its full distance of 4km makes a huge difference in energy expenditure, and the 40km (160 lap) points race will destroy most of the riders.  Throw in an elimination [where each lap the last rider to cross the finish line is eliminated] and you’ve got an event with longer total distance than some senior road races- all at maximal intensity. The omnium next year will be ridiculous.
So what’s next for you, Harry?  Since the track season is now over until summer, what events are you focusing on during the winter?
As I am completing year 12 this year, I aim to spend most of my effort on this front, however allowing for this, I do intend to train for the state road TT championships in the first half of the year, then focus on my build up to next years track season.   Back to early mornings at DISC! How I’ve missed them.

Harry 2nd – State Omnium Titles

Congratulations to Kelly Cycle Coaching athlete, Harry Bade, who finished 2nd in the U19 State Omnium titles, yesterday.  A big thankyou to CharterMason who generously sponsors our track program.

Mark Sylvester 3rd, Brent Nelson 1st, Harry Bade 2nd

For those that are not familiar with the omnium, it is often known as the ironman of all track events, as the athletes must complete 5 events in the one day, consisting of:

  1. 1km Time Trial
  2. Flying 200m
  3. 10km Points race
  4. 5km Scratch race
  5. 2km Individual pursuit

Well done, Harry. 

Harry in the points race.

Harry cooling down and talking with Mark Sylvester

Interview with Emma Bilston

Congratulations Emma on representing Victoria in the recent National Junior
Track Championships. I understand this is the first year you made the
Victorian team and you are a first year U15.  

Q: Where were the National Championships held?
A: At DISC in Melbourne

Q: What events did you compete in?
A: 500m time trial
2000m pursuit
5000m scratch race

Q: how did you go in each event?
A: 14th in the 500m time trial (PB)
8th in the 2000m pursuit (PB)
4th in the scratch race
Q: Who did you share a room with?
A: I had my own room in an apartment with my family and had my meals with the U15 girls from Victoria. 

Q: Did someone organize food for you each day or did you have to cook?
A: Most of the parents organised the food before the nationals and all meals were handed out each day so we didn’t have to worry about cooking.  The food was great and pretty healthy.

Q: Did you receive a nice uniform – casual and competition?
A: I had a skinsuit, booties, shorts, tracksuit top and 2 polo tops all in team colours.  I think Victoria had the best uniform of all the states.

Q: I understand it was your birthday on Saturday?  How did you celebrate your 13th birthday?
A: In the morning I went to the track and watched the racing as I didn’t race until Saturday night.  This was good as I was with my friend Ruby and I wore a birthday sash and tiara.  I went out for tea on Saturday night with my friends and family after all the races were finished.  I had a birthday cake from Degani who is one of my sponsors.  It was an awesome cake.

Q: What is your next race you are training for?
A: The Australian Hill Climb at Mt Buffalo.

Q: What are your goals over the next 6 months?
A: To improve my times, and become stronger at hill climbing.

Well, congratulations once again on your recent performance at the Junior
Track National Championships.

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