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Harry 2nd – State Omnium Titles

Congratulations to Kelly Cycle Coaching athlete, Harry Bade, who finished 2nd in the U19 State Omnium titles, yesterday.  A big thankyou to CharterMason who generously sponsors our track program.

Mark Sylvester 3rd, Brent Nelson 1st, Harry Bade 2nd

For those that are not familiar with the omnium, it is often known as the ironman of all track events, as the athletes must complete 5 events in the one day, consisting of:

  1. 1km Time Trial
  2. Flying 200m
  3. 10km Points race
  4. 5km Scratch race
  5. 2km Individual pursuit

Well done, Harry. 

Harry in the points race.

Harry cooling down and talking with Mark Sylvester

Paris-Roubaix Night

Come and join us at Team Degani cycling cafe this Sunday night, 11th April 2010.

Why?  To watch the famous Paris-Roubaix bicycle race, held in France over cobble stones like this.

Team Degani Cycling Cafe invites you to join us down at
833 Collins St, Docklands 
on the Yarra's edge of the new ANZ building
to watch one of cycling's most prestigious one day races,
Paris-Roubaix, live on the big screen! 
Sunday 11th April from 9pm onwards.
SBS are showing the race from 10.10pm EST
Finger food provided. 
We are also setting up our new Tacx Fortus Multiplayer for you
to ride part of the Paris Roubaix route.
So bring your cycling gear (no helmet required) 
Please RSVP to by 3pm Friday, for catering purposes.

Hills ride – Thurs 8 April

Tomorrow there will be another hills training ride starting at 9am.

17 McNamara Street, Macleod

Please bring two tubes, pump, drinks and riding food.

Hope to see many of you tomorrow.

School Holiday training – updated

Kelly Cycle Coaching are planning to do a number of rides for our athletes during the school holiday/Easter period.  All rides will be supervised by Bob and Helen Kelly.

All riders need to bring:

  • two water bottles,
  • ride food
  • puncture bag with 2 tubes,
  • bike pump,
  • wear sunscreen
  • bring arm warmers and a jacket

Tue 30th: 8am departure (be ready to ride at 7.50am)
Location: 17 McNamara Street, Macleod. 
Kinglake Hills ride  (duration 3-4hrs).

Wed 31st: 9am departure  (be ready to ride at 8.50am)
Location: Team Degani Cycling Cafe, 833 Collins st, Docklands
Flat easier ride (duration 3-4hrs).

Thurs 1st April: 8am departure
Location: 17 McNamara Street, Macleod. 
Kinglake area hills ride (duration 3-4hrs).

Fri 2nd: (no Kelly Cycle Coaching ride – we are away)

Sat 3rd: 8am departure
Location: 17 McNamara Street, Macleod. 
Kinglake area hills ride (duration 3-4hrs).

Sun 4th
: (no Kelly Cycle Coaching ride – we are away)

Tue 6th: 9am departure (note updated start time)
Location: 17 McNamara Street, Macleod. 
Kinglake Hills ride (duration 3-4hrs).

Wed 7th: 9am departure
Location: Team Degani Cycling Cafe, 833 Collins st, Docklands
Flat easier ride (duration 3-4hrs).

Thurs 8th: 8am departure
Location: 17 McNamara Street, Macleod. 
Kinglake area hills ride (duration 3-4hrs).

All questions about what rides you should do, please ring or email us: or

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Athlete Profile: Aaron Eynaud

This week’s athlete feature story is all about Aaron Eynaud.  We have been coaching Aaron for about a year now and have watched him progress from a C grade club rider to an A grade rider.  Aaron is an example of an athlete who has consistently trained and has seen steady improvements.

We quizzed Aaron on when he started riding, what his favourite rides are, etc.  Read on to find out all about Aaron.

Where do you live? How old are you?
I am 17 years old and I live in Box Hill, Melbourne, Victoria

How many brothers and sisters do you have?  And most importantly, are you faster than them on the bike?
I have 2 sisters, one sister is 2 years older than me and the other one is 4 years younger and I have 1 brother who is 2 years younger. To answer your second question I can ride faster than them although my brother may not think so.

Aaron warming up before the Jayco Bay criterium, stage 2

What brand of road and track bike are you riding at the moment?
My road bike is a Giant TCR with SRAM rival and my track bike is an Avanti pista pro frame with everything else custom.

Have  you done many recreational rides?  Around the bay in a day?
I have only done 2 recreational rides and they are the half round the bay from Sorrento to Melbourne and the Murry to Moyne.

How did you get into cycling?  Did someone in family race/ride and get you involved?  Or friends that ride?
I got into cycling through my cousin who used to ride. I went and watched him one day and told dad I wanted to try and I have loved it ever since.

When did you start racing? 
I started racing first year U13’s but I did have about a year and half break around 2nd year U15’s to go back and play footy

Bob Kelly motivates Aaron before his TT start

What club do you belong to?
Blackburn Cycling Club

What year are you doing at school and what subjects are you studying?   What do you want to be when you leave school?
At school I am currently completing year 12 and I am doing Maths Methods, English, Accounting, Legal Studies and also University Accounting at Monash. When I leave school I want to probably become an accountant and I also want see how far in cycling I can get.

What is your most enjoyable win so far and why?  Did you expect to win?  How did the race unfold? (it can be a road or track event, club, etc)
My most enjoyable win was winning the Billanook Junior Road Tour in 2004. It all came down to the last stage and the only way I could win was if the rider who was leading fell and I won the sprint. So we were joking the night before about getting my brother in the bushes with a sling shot to knock him off. On the first lap of the race however the leader did fall and it left me to try and win the sprint which I did end up doing.  

We all hate crashing and try to avoid this.  When was your last crash and how did this happen? 
My last crash was 18 months ago and I broke my collarbone. It happened at the St.kilda crit course. A guy went around the corner and decked himself and I went straight over the top of him and landed on my shoulder. Which snapped my collarbone. I was lucky however that I required no surgery.

Aaron concentrating with Dad, before the Bendigo Wheelrace heat

What is the next race you’re training for? 
At the moment I am training for the alp d’buffalo but I am also focusing on the States which are in july.

What is your strength on the bike?  Are you a sprinter?  A climber?  A time trialist?
I would have to consider my strength on the bike as being both a sprinter and a climber because I can do both well. Hopefully I can sprint fast though once I get my glutes working.

What is your favourite training ride?  (describe an area of Melbourne or Victoria).
My favourite training ride would have to be up to the Dandenongs and riding up the 1n20 which is a 6.8km hill from the Basin to Sassafras and the wall which runs from Monbulk to Olinda. The scenery is amazing as well and the roads are not too busy either.

We know you absolutely love windtrainer sessions, Aaron.  Can you tell us you most ‘enjoyable’ training session?
I do love a good windtrainer session. My most “enjoyable” windtrainer session would have to be 15mins at AT (about 90%) then 5 mins rest and then repeat that 3 times. Don’t get any ideas though!

What are you favourite track events?
My favourite track events would be the scratch race, keiran and points score.

Aaron takes out the Brunswick Open, B grade Scratch race

Do you do gym work as part of your training? 
Not yet but I will be starting in the next month hopefully. Make sure you check out the Health Professionals section of the website.

Aaron cooling down with his brother, Hayden, State Time Trial Championships, 2009

Murray to Moyne

Kelly Cycle Coaching athletes, Aaron Eynaud, Harry Bade and Ollie LeGrice, pedaled 540km from Swan Hill to Port Fairy with their track team sponsor, CharterMason.
The cross headwinds challenged the group of 12 riders, which also included coaches Bob and Helen Kelly.

The team set off at 9.30am from Swan Hill and rolled into Hamiliton at 11.30pm Saturday night, with 450km completed. CharterMason partner, Sandra Salvitti, not only doubled the distance she’d ever ridden, but also supplied the appetite hungry crew with delicious meals, whipped up in the comfy campervans, CharterMason hired.
The following morning was a leisurely 90km into Port Fairy. The team arrived with an enthusiastic final sprint from Ollie, Harry and Aaron. In fact, every town along the way had an intermediate sprint spot, with final results yet to be determined by the judges. The sprint into Hamilton where there were no street lights, and only helmet and bike lights was an eventful spectacle, to say the least. Boys will be boys!!!

Overall, the team did a fantastic job. Many thanks to Leigh, Peter, Stuart and Sandra, our CharterMason track cycling sponsors for this amazing experience.

Charity Ride

Kelly Cycle Coaching athletes, Aaron Eynaud, Ollie LeGrice and Harry Bade, along with Bob and Helen Kelly, will be riding a ‘lazy 550km’ this weekend, as part of a relay charity ride, called the Murray to Moyne ride.  They will be joined by several CharterMason partners and employees.

Stay tuned to hear how the weekend turned out.

Junior Track Nationals

Emma Bilston finished 4th in the Junior Australian U15 Women’s Scratch race on Saturday at DISC, Melbourne.  She is a first year U15 rider, and to finish 4th is a fantastic result, and even more special as she was celebrating her 13th birthday.   She also did PB’s in both the 500m TT and 2km individual pursuit. 

Congratulations Emma on your achievements for your first Junior Track Nationals.  Stay tuned for photos and an interview with Emma.

Opening Soon

Kelly Cycle Coaching will soon be located at Docklands.  Our office will be located within the new Team Degani Cycling Cafe. 

The cafe and bike shop is now open.  They are located at 833 Collins street, Docklands.

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