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Saffron Button – athlete profile


Kelly Cycle Coaching is profiling various athletes so you get to know some of your fellow Kelly coaching riding mates.  So here is Saffron……..

Name: Saffron Button

Age: 20

Current occupation (if working): Alameda Homestead Nursery (nursery worker)

Academic studies achieved or currently undertaking: 1st Year Bachelor of Business – Marketing at Swinburne

Maddy and Saff

Age you got into cycling: 12

What type of riding do you do: Road and some MTB

Saff on the rollers warming up


Your favourite efforts you like to do: VO2 on/off

Your favourite place to ride: Dandenongs

Your favourite food after you’ve done a long ride: Big Breaky (eggs and loads of veggies)

Foundation Girls

Saff with some of her Foundation Technology team mates


What is your biggest cycling achievement so far: 2nd at Fred Icke in Women’s B/C Grade Combined (VRS)

What used to be hard for you in cycling that you can do now: Climbing

What is something that you are still mastering in cycling: Descending

What is it about cycling that you like so much: I like the amount of food you can eat, so many kilometres rewarded with so much good food :)

My aspiration in cycling is to travel the world on my bike and race at an international level

saffron-button smiling-saff

Ben Andrews – Athlete of the month


Kelly Cycle Coaching would like to profile Ben Andrews this month.  We have been coaching Ben for about 12 months now and he is an enjoyable athlete to coach and who has improved significantly over this period.  Ben is very motivated and shows commitment to try to improve in all facets of his cycling.

Ben likes to understand why he is doing various training efforts and this helps with his application to his training.  When Ben started in our program he needed to learn how to train.  This process called ‘training to train’, was important for Ben to understand and has helped him transition to the next process of  ‘training to race’.

Kelly Cycle Coaching recently asked Ben a number of questions about his family and his passion for cycling.  Here is what he had to say to us.

Where do you live Ben and how many brothers and sisters do you have?
I live in Heidelberg about 10 blocks from the Kellys, which is great for training rides on the weekend. I have four siblings, two sisters and two brothers. My two brothers are married with I child and engaged. My sisters are enjoying studying and a teacher.
What school do you attend and what Year are you currently completing?
I attend Trinity Grammar School which is located in Kew.  I am currently completing year 8, which I am enjoying.  Two well known cyclists who attended the school were Phil Anderson and Mitch Docker.
What are your favourite subjects at school?
My favourite subjects are sport because I love being active, Maths because I find it a challenge and something different, and English because over the last week we got to make a movie in groups, about a book we read which was Tomorrow When the War Began.
How long have you been cycling, Ben?  Do you enjoy road or track cycling better, and why?
I have been cycling since I was 8 when I got a little cut down 24 inch Hillbrick. I started proper training with the Kellys 1 year ago.  I enjoy road and track.  What I enjoy about road cycling is getting out in the fresh air and meeting new people. My favorite events on the road are time trialing and hill climbing. What I like about track is being motor paced behind the motorbike as fast as I can go.
Can you tell us when you first became interested in cycling and when you started training?  Do your parents also cycle?
I first became interested in cycling about 10 years ago when we went to our first Tour Down Under in Adelaide. I remember seeing Robbie McEwen for the first time. He was at the back of the peleton on the second last lap of the opening crit when he pushed his way through the bunch and won the stage. I also remember seeing Cadel get away in a break-away on one of the hill stages.
I started training properly 1 year ago when I joined the Kellys. I have enjoyed every easy training session since.
My dad started riding about 20 years ago, and my mum started cycling about 15 years ago. They both helped me get into cycling and took me to the Tour Down Under.
We understand you have gone to the Tour Down Under several times.  What is your favourite part of these cycling holidays?
My favourite part of the Tour Down Under would have to be seeing all the big cyclists e.g. Cadel Evans, Robby McEwen and Alessandro Ballan who rode last year.
One other thing I love about going to Adelaide is spending time with my family because I don’t get to do that often because my dad is away a lot.
Are there other sports (perhaps through school) or hobbies that you also do?
Some sports I do for Trinity are, water polo, athletics, cross country and basketball. I also love spending time building things, like a wooden train.
How long did you spend doing JDP training with Carnegie Cycling Club? Was this a good opportunity to make other cycling friends?  What sort of training did you typically do at JDP?
I spent about 2 years doing JDP. This was very good for me because it was a good way to start getting into training before joining the Kellys. JDP gave me the opportunity to meet lots of kids which I am still friends with now e.g. Drew Morey, Jayden Cooper and David Koroknai.
At JDP the training was based around the track and road seasons as usual.  In the track season we would use the Carnegie velodrome to do motor pacing and some races like points and handicap. In the road season we did indoor ergo sessions. This was hard yet fun because you did it with your friends.
What made you decide to join Kelly Cycle Coaching and is the training different to what you used to do?  If it is different, could you explain how?
I decided to join Kelly Cycling Coaching because I overheard one of my friends, Drew Morey, talking about it. I was at a point at JDP where I wanted to do something more then just train once a week. I asked Drew about this training before looking on the Kellys web site.  Then I had to convince my parents. My dad said I could do Kelly Cycling Coaching if I proved myself. I had to train at least 5 times a week for one month. This was hard for me going from once a week training to nearly every day. But I wanted it really bad so I did it.
There is a big difference between JDP and Kelly Cycling Coaching. JDP training is only once a week and Kelly training is every day. The training is a lot harder. I’m better at cycling now and need to keep pushing myself out.
What are some skills, training ideas, race tactics, etc, you’ve learnt/developed since you’ve started training with Kelly Cycle Coaching?
The first thing I learnt when I joined Kelly Cycling Coaching was that I was learning to train not training to race. I found this very hard to understand at the start but it makes perfect sense now. One of the many race tactics I have learnt was how to come off the rider’s wheel in front of you at the last second. Some skills I have learnt were how to ride in a bunch and how to climb out of the seat properly.
What would be your best result so far this year?  How did you feel after this race?  Happy or just exhausted?
My best result so far was fourth at in the Australian Hillclimb Championship at Mt Buffalo and 3rd at the Metro’s. I felt happy with myself after the race that all the training I had put in had paid off. I am also very pleased with everyone around me who helped me perform from Bob and Helen, to my mum and dad.
Do you have an international pro cyclist that you look up to, as your hero?  If so, who is this person and why do you admire them?
I admire a few pro cyclists, which are Cadel Evans, the Meyer brothers, Jack Bobridge and Luke Durbridge. I admire these cyclists not because they are the best, (which some of them are) but because of their attitude towards life and cycling.
What would be your strengths as a road cyclist?
I think my strength would be hill climbing, because my power watt results are really good.
What are the upcoming races you are training for and do you have some specific goals for this season, Ben?
At the moment I’m training for metros on the track. I would like to ride the pursuit, time trial and scratch race. My goals for the season are to come in the top 10 at Mt Buffalo and try and beat all my friends’ times for the season.

Athlete profile – Emily Dunk

Emily in action time

This week you can read all about Emily Dunk, a young girl we have been coaching for about 12 months now.  We have watched her not only develop her skills on the bike, but she has also matured a lot and is learning how to communicate and train with athletes who are much older than her.   Her monthly training program is often a challenge to write as she enjoys such a range of sporting activities.  As a young athlete, we certainly encourage her to keeping doing all the sports she enjoys and not to specialise just yet.

So you are quite an athlete girl, Emily and seem to enjoy doing a lot of different sports each week.  What sports have you been doing over the past 12 months?

I did a few different sports last year including Netball (district and captain of the school rep team – we came second overall), Cross Country and Athletics (200M and 800M), Karate, Swimming as well as Triathlon. Oh, and cycling!  I only rode a Road Bike for the first time ever last January just before my first Triathlon. Dad was going to make me do a triathlon on my old mountain bike but it was too small!

Emily in action time

In Karate, which belt do you currently have?    When do you go for your next belt?

I’m on my Blue belt and hope to get my Purple Belt by the end of the year, maybe my Brown belt if I work hard enough.

Not only do you learn karate moves but I understand you have to do lots of core exercises including push ups.  How many push ups would you sometimes have to do in a session?

It depends really. Sometimes its only 20 but often its 50 and also some sit ups. Karate is all about discipline, so my sensei teaches us to learn about how our bodies feel under pressure and sit ups are intense!

And swimming.  You swim each week either in the open water or pool – how far do you normally swim in each session?

It all depends on what the training is. In the pool it is normally between 2.5 to 3.5km with a combination of different strokes. I’ve just changed swimming coaches to John Van Wisse. He’s awesome – he gets me doing about 3km in the bay in a session which is challenging but I’ve just started using a wetsuit in the ocean which helps a bit.

What is your favourite swim stroke?

Probably breast stoke. I represented my school at District swimming in Breast-stoke (and Butterfly!). I’m pretty quick at Freestyle too which is good because I have to do this in Triathlons.

During the winter you usually play netball – what position do you like to play the most? 

I love playing Goal Keeper and Goal Defence. I’m a really good shot at goal shooter too but it so much fun as a defender and stopping the other team from scoring!

What else is on my list – ah yes, cross country running – I understand you never train for running but just turn up and do very well.  In fact, I remember you telling me you don’t really like running as it makes you so sore the next day.  How successful were you in the Cross Country running last year?

I did ok. I came 6th at School Zone level and missed the State Final by 2 spots. I came 2nd at school and districts to get to Zones. I like running but its not my favourite sport!

Harry is Emily's favourite running partner

Next on my list is cycling.  We have been coaching you on the road and track for nearly 12 months now.
What do you enjoy about our training sessions?

Um. Enjoy? I’ve made some good friends which is great, but the best part of training is definitely  the poached eggs afterwards.  Seriously though I really love training with other kids who are training for competition and are doing it because they want to get better and do better in racing. You guys are a huge help also and keep me focused and make sure its stays fun also, kind of!

Is road or track your favourite, or you like them both?

I love them both. And I love Triathlons too. I can’t pick but thats ok I think.

Emily doing a flying 200 at DISC

Can you tell me 5 skills  or things you have learnt how to do on your road bike since we’ve been coaching you?

Hopping out of my seat for climbing or sprinting
Being able drink and eat when I’m riding
Taking my hands off the handle bars and balance enough to ride no hands
Riding my rollers
Racing tactics

Emily and her friend Grace on the rollers before the time trial start

And how about on the track?  What are some new things we have taught you as part of the indoor velodrome training?

Definitely beginning able to get to the top of the banking!
Hopping out of my seat on the velodrome, like at the start of a Flying 200. I know I said that for my road bike but its so different doing it coming down off the corner banking.
Gate Starts
Motor pacing
And all the track lingo and words.
I only started riding last year so everything is still new.

On the weekend, I understand that you competed in a triathlon (what is the name of the series?).
Congratulations on coming 5th and without doing any run training!  How many triathlons have you competed in this season?

I’ve been racing in both the XOSize and the Gatorade series. I’ve done three this season and six in total. I’ll probably do another 3 or 4 before the end of the season.

Emily running in a triathlon

Which event was your best result?

Last year I came first in a couple, but they where not competitive ones. My best result this year is 4th in two of them (and fastest rider in both of them). Like cycling, I’m a first year in my age group and there have been 20 to 30 girls in the races, so its pretty competitive. I’m probably the only girl racing locked out on a restricted gear. At Nationals they restrict the gears like in cycling to 6 meters but all the other top girls have been using their big gears in the selection races so they’ll find it tough changing now.

Due to your great results, I understand you have now been selected to join the State team and represent Victoria in the Australian Triathlon Championships.   Well done Emily.   Whereabouts are the Australian Triathlon Championships going to be held?

The series is an aggregate one like the Junior Tours. They take the top six in each group and I came 5th over all as I missed a race when I did the Great Victorian Bike Ride. They haven’t told me properly yet but they got me to try on the State uniforms and everything after the race last week. Nationals are in Queensland at the end of March so that’s pretty exciting.

We know you are just about to start Year 7.  That must be exciting to be starting high school.  What school will you be attending?

I’m going to Mentone Girls Grammar school. I’m really excited. They do lots of different sports and have their own swimming pool. They are trying to set up a Triathlon and cycling team and last year they started a track cycling program with CSV, so I hope they do that again!

Finally, what are your plans for the next 12 months?

I’m not sure really. I really want to enjoy school and start learning French and make new friends. I’m looking forward to Track states and the Junior Tours, as well as going to Queensland.

Emily at the State Road Championships

Well, thanks for answering our questions today Emily.  And also, congratulations on being promoted up to D grade yesterday at Glenvale, after your consistent results since Christmas.

Athlete Profile – Bryce Morey

Kelly Cycle Coaching spoke with  Bryce Morey this week, just after he was named as U17 B grade champion for the 2010 Junior Road Series.  Here is what he had to say about various things relating to his school life, his cycling, and family life: 

Bryce’s strength is time trialling

Hi Bryce, so how long have you been racing on the road?  How old were you when you started training more seriously?
I started riding on a road bike in the middle of year 7 (2007), but had not been doing anything serious by way of training, or any real racing. From about that point, up till November-ish 2009, I had been getting progressively more and more committed with the riding that I was doing, though it was still not very serious at this time. It was not until November – December ’09 (around the start of the summer holidays) that I started to do any “proper” training. This was partly because I had just finished the Great Victorian Bike Ride (GVBR) for the third time, and had a little more fitness (I would not have said that I had any “form”) at this time, and decided that I wanted to improve on this and keep training. So on most days of the summer hols’ I would go for longer and harder rides with my elder brother. This was when I started to actually do any proper training worth my while.

What road bike and running gear are you currently riding? 
Currently I am riding a Specialized Tarmac Pro frame (a few years old (I actually don’t know how many) but unused before I first rode it) with (slightly second-hand) Shimano Ultegra (6600) components.

Do you own a BMX or mountain bike too or just your roadie?
I do own a mountain bike as well as a road bike, though it is not often used. It would be preferable to ride the mountain bike to school (8km’s ish) instead of taking the bus, but I am yet to come to an agreement with my parents about this.

What school do you attend?  And what Year are you completing?  
I currently attend Kingswood College in Box Hill (technically its Box Hill South, I think). I am completing year 10, and am finding the work easy to handle (at the moment).

Any idea on what you might want to do after you finish school?

What cycling club do you belong to? 
I, along with my two brothers, belong to Carnegie Caulfield Cycling Club.

So, with an older and younger brother also cycling is there a bit of rivalry in the family about who is the fastest?  And we understand that dad rides a bit too.  When did you start riding faster than him? 
Certainly a few years ago, when we (my siblings and I) had only recently started to ride, there was a bit of rivalry as to who was better and so on. But as we all became older and more serious, it became fairly obvious to us all, that the eldest holds an advantage over the rest. Even though we cannot directly pitch ourselves up against each other, as this would be a bit unfair, we do sometimes (most often my younger brother) record a time for a distance at the velodrome, and try to compare it against the times of an older brother from when they were that age, and see who was/is better. My dad has been riding for quite a while, though not always in the same way (not on a road bike at first). I do believe that when I was younger (as in 10-15 years ago) he often used to go for rides (on mountain bikes) with one of his mates on many a weekend. Because of this, my siblings and I used to go on bike rides with dad on a fair number of weekends when we were younger. My elder brother got into road riding after doing the GVBR for the first time, and my brother (younger) and I followed. It was on my second GVBR, in ’08, that I actually started to ride faster than dad. Before that, especially on the GVBR ’07, he had always been dragging me along behind him. In GBVR ‘08, I was the one who had to do all the work and pull him along most of the way (that is, when he’s not been dropped).

What is your favourite road race and why?
One race that comes to mind is the weekly crits at Glenvale crescent during the summer. I enjoy these partly because they are in summer, which when I think about it at the moment, makes me really wish summer would hurry up and arrive. I also enjoy them because it is a flat circuit and is reasonably nice to ride. The corners are rather fun at speed.

What race have you done where you were the most proud of your result?  What happened in this race?
The time trial at Eildon Junior Tour was a good one for me. I had finished in 5th place overall, and had taken the points for 1st place out of the m17 “B” grade category. I was particularly happy with this result, because I had not ever before really been doing well against the other people in my age group. I think that the course suited me rather well, being practically flat, with a steady uphill for about a quarter of the course. I was hoping to do well at this TT, because for the month leading up to it, (with my focus on the States TT), I had been doing, exclusively, threshold efforts to specifically train for this discipline.

Do you like hilly races or prefer flatter terrain?
I prefer flat terrain to that with hills. It is better suited to my riding style, though maybe not to my build. I admit, I do need to work on my climbing at the moment, as it is the area were I am furthest behind most of my peers. But flat terrain is the preference.

What is your favourite place to train?
My favourite place to train is on Beach Road. Though this is not very practical for me, as I do not live particularly close to there. I am able to train there on weekends, public holidays, and school holidays. On week days after school, I have to train at either Hawthorn velodrome, or Kew/Yarra Boulevard. This is rather convenient for me, as I have to go within 1.5 metres of Hawthorn velodrome to get to the Boulevard(s).

You have just been announced as the 2010 Victorian Junior Road Aggregate U17 B Grade winner.  Congratulations.   Was this a goal of yours at the start of this season?  
Thank you. It was not one of my goals at the start of the season, as I was hoping to be put into A grade for the junior tours. I had hoped to be able to race against the guys who are in the same year as me, and see how I go against them and try to get up to their level. So it was not one of my goals initially, but once it became clear that I was to stay in “B” grade, I figured I should make the most of it and try to win anyway. I had realised that I would only get beaten in “A” grade anyway at this point, so I might as well take the opportunity given to me by the CSV handicapper, and make this a target to work towards.

What would you say are your strengths in cycling?
My main strength in cycling would be time trialling. Not only is it what I am best at, but I really enjoy doing it, even when it hurts so much. It has proved to be my greatest strength in cycling so far, as it is the event that I have done best at, placing 5th out of all JM17’s at the Eildon Junior tour. The same can’t be said for my climbing ability, however, as this most definitely needs some work.

Did you watch this years’ Tour de France?  Who is your favourite rider and why? 
I did watch this year TDF, although I did not manage to watch any stages live, which I was quite disappointed about. But thankfully I still managed to watch the morning and evening highlights on a daily basis. As for my favourite rider, I was really hoping that Andy Schleck could pull off a win this year.

Are you planning to go watch the Road World Champs in Geelong?   Do you think watching the best cyclists in the world is going to be a real buzz?
I would obviously like to go and watch the World Championships, but I don’t know if I will be able to. I would very much enjoy it. I have been to the Tour Down Under three times, and really enjoyed watching the professionals at work, and I would like to do so more often, so the world champs seem like a great opportunity to do just that.

What are your aspirations as a cyclist?  Want to race overseas one day?
I would very much like to race overseas one day as part of a team. It would be a great experience, and one thing that I would like to work towards.

So what race are you training for next? 
At this point I am not really too sure about the next big race, though I am thinking possibly about the time trial at the Nationals. Apart from just riding a road bike, I also ride for my school Human Powered Vehicle team (a recumbent trike inside a fairing/shell), and there is a 24hour race in November that features heavily on my calendar, and is a big priority.

Well, congratulations once again Bryce on being the U17B Aggregate Series winner, and thanks for the chat.
























Athlete Profile – Emily Wordie-Thompson

Emily has been an athlete of Kelly Cycle Coaching since mid 2008.  She steadily and methodically follows her training program, gives frequent feedback on how she is coping with her training, and her self-discipline paid off when she won the Country Road Championships recently.

Kelly Cycle Coaching chatted with Emily about her training and other things, and here is what she had to say about everything.

Congratulations on your Country Road Championship win in Newstead.   Can you tell us how you won this race?  Where did you attack?  Did you look back or just put your head down and time trial? 
Thank you, I won this race by attacking up the main climb of the circuit about 7km from the finish, I time trialed home but I couldn’t stop looking back to see where the girls were so that I could keep pushing myself away from the group and to the finish line.  

How old are you Emily?
I’m 15 years old

Emily warming up for her time trial

Have you always lived near Ballarat?   What club do you belong to?
Yes, I’ve lived in Gordon ever since i was born and I’m apart of the Ballarat Sebastopol Cycling Club.
Did you play other sports before you started cycling?   Did you train for these sports? 
I’ve done a few sports before cycling, such as ballet and jazz, gymnastics, softball and soccer.  I did Ballet and Jazz for about 5 years which I practiced 3 times a week, a lot less than training now.  
How old were you when you started cycling?
I was 12 when I started to really get into cycling and start racing competively.
What school do you attend and what is your favourite subject? 
I attend Ballarat and Clarendon College and my favourite subject would have to be either Art or PE
Do you know what you want to do after high school yet?
I’m not really too sure what I’m intending to do after I’ve finished year 12, I’ve thought about joining the police force or something similar but I’m still deciding.

Do you have any pets?  If so, what kind and what are their names?
Yes, I have two dogs, Pugsley and Lucy, a cat named Tiger, a goat Aidie and a few cows and peacocks   
You ride on both the track and the road.  What are your favourite events on the road and track?
My favourite event for road would definitely be a nice hilly long road race and for track it would either be a long scratch race or points race.      
What type of track and road bike are you riding right now?
At the moment I’m riding an Azzurri Mezzo Elite road bike and an Azzurri Sprint track bike
Do you have a favourite training ride (ie around Ballarat or somewhere else) that you really enjoy?  And do you have a favourite training session that you think has helped make you stronger?
My favourite training ride would be our Club’s championship circuit close to home, it’s a very hilly course going through Gordon, Mt Egerton and Ballan. It has lots of steep climbs and undulating terrain. 

My favourite training session would definitely be strength endurance training which I think has really helped my overall strength and ability to climb hills.    
What is your most enjoyable race you’ve competed in on the road and track?   
The most enjoyable race I’ve competed in would have to be the road race up at nationals in Canberra last year. Though I didn’t place it was one of the best performances I think I’ve done, I was first home for Victoria and I’ve gained many friendships and memories from the week up in Canberra.
What are your goals for this road season?   What is your next race?
My two main goals for this road season is to win the state road race and to make the victorian road team.  The next race I’m competing in is the Shepparton Junior Tour on 19th and 20th of June.

Well, thanks for the interview Emily.  Good luck in your next race.
Thank you

Athlete Profile: Aaron Eynaud

This week’s athlete feature story is all about Aaron Eynaud.  We have been coaching Aaron for about a year now and have watched him progress from a C grade club rider to an A grade rider.  Aaron is an example of an athlete who has consistently trained and has seen steady improvements.

We quizzed Aaron on when he started riding, what his favourite rides are, etc.  Read on to find out all about Aaron.

Where do you live? How old are you?
I am 17 years old and I live in Box Hill, Melbourne, Victoria

How many brothers and sisters do you have?  And most importantly, are you faster than them on the bike?
I have 2 sisters, one sister is 2 years older than me and the other one is 4 years younger and I have 1 brother who is 2 years younger. To answer your second question I can ride faster than them although my brother may not think so.

Aaron warming up before the Jayco Bay criterium, stage 2

What brand of road and track bike are you riding at the moment?
My road bike is a Giant TCR with SRAM rival and my track bike is an Avanti pista pro frame with everything else custom.

Have  you done many recreational rides?  Around the bay in a day?
I have only done 2 recreational rides and they are the half round the bay from Sorrento to Melbourne and the Murry to Moyne.

How did you get into cycling?  Did someone in family race/ride and get you involved?  Or friends that ride?
I got into cycling through my cousin who used to ride. I went and watched him one day and told dad I wanted to try and I have loved it ever since.

When did you start racing? 
I started racing first year U13’s but I did have about a year and half break around 2nd year U15’s to go back and play footy

Bob Kelly motivates Aaron before his TT start

What club do you belong to?
Blackburn Cycling Club

What year are you doing at school and what subjects are you studying?   What do you want to be when you leave school?
At school I am currently completing year 12 and I am doing Maths Methods, English, Accounting, Legal Studies and also University Accounting at Monash. When I leave school I want to probably become an accountant and I also want see how far in cycling I can get.

What is your most enjoyable win so far and why?  Did you expect to win?  How did the race unfold? (it can be a road or track event, club, etc)
My most enjoyable win was winning the Billanook Junior Road Tour in 2004. It all came down to the last stage and the only way I could win was if the rider who was leading fell and I won the sprint. So we were joking the night before about getting my brother in the bushes with a sling shot to knock him off. On the first lap of the race however the leader did fall and it left me to try and win the sprint which I did end up doing.  

We all hate crashing and try to avoid this.  When was your last crash and how did this happen? 
My last crash was 18 months ago and I broke my collarbone. It happened at the St.kilda crit course. A guy went around the corner and decked himself and I went straight over the top of him and landed on my shoulder. Which snapped my collarbone. I was lucky however that I required no surgery.

Aaron concentrating with Dad, before the Bendigo Wheelrace heat

What is the next race you’re training for? 
At the moment I am training for the alp d’buffalo but I am also focusing on the States which are in july.

What is your strength on the bike?  Are you a sprinter?  A climber?  A time trialist?
I would have to consider my strength on the bike as being both a sprinter and a climber because I can do both well. Hopefully I can sprint fast though once I get my glutes working.

What is your favourite training ride?  (describe an area of Melbourne or Victoria).
My favourite training ride would have to be up to the Dandenongs and riding up the 1n20 which is a 6.8km hill from the Basin to Sassafras and the wall which runs from Monbulk to Olinda. The scenery is amazing as well and the roads are not too busy either.

We know you absolutely love windtrainer sessions, Aaron.  Can you tell us you most ‘enjoyable’ training session?
I do love a good windtrainer session. My most “enjoyable” windtrainer session would have to be 15mins at AT (about 90%) then 5 mins rest and then repeat that 3 times. Don’t get any ideas though!

What are you favourite track events?
My favourite track events would be the scratch race, keiran and points score.

Aaron takes out the Brunswick Open, B grade Scratch race

Do you do gym work as part of your training? 
Not yet but I will be starting in the next month hopefully. Make sure you check out the Health Professionals section of the website.

Aaron cooling down with his brother, Hayden, State Time Trial Championships, 2009