We offer a few specific tests to help you determine your training zones, measure your power and lactate levels and help you achieve your cycling goals:

Type of Testing Cost 
Power and lactate step test $185
Power and Heart rate test (excluding lactate readings – suitable for U15 & U17 athletes) $100
Power Profile Test $100

All tests provide an analysis of your left/right leg power and pedal effectiveness.

Power and Lactate Step Test
Do you know what your heart rate or power training zones are?
Do you want to use your heart rate monitor more scientifically so you can see how much time is spent riding in each training zone?
Do you think you’re always training too hard, or maybe most of your training lacks specific intensity?
So how do you know if you’re riding too hard or too easy?

The answer is to get scientifically tested so when you train with a heart rate monitor or with power, you will know what your training zones are, and if you are riding in the correct zone.

The purpose of the test is to:

  • Determine your training zones using heart rate, power and lactate readings
  • Analyse your pedal effectiveness and identify any variation and imbalances between your left/right leg power
  • Calculate your power and heart rate at your lactate threshold (the point where you are no longer clearing the lactate), specifically used for training purposes.
  • Retest your power/heartrate/lactate levels after a period of training to determine if your power at threshold has increased and compare your lactate levels at each level of intensity, relative to earlier tests.

This assessment will take approximately 1hr. You will need to bring:

  • your bike shoes
  • bike knicks and a singlet top
  • small hand towel (you will get hot during this test)
  • Pedals (if they are not shimano SPD-SL pedals)

The protocol of the test is as follows:

  • You will start cycling on the Wattbike, at a certain power output for a 3 minute period
  • In the final 15 seconds of the 3 minute period, we gently prick your finger to take a drop of blood for lactate testing;
  • You then progress to the next power output for a 3 minute period;
  • This pattern continues every 3 minutes until you can no longer maintain the power output.
  • If you do not wish to have lactate readings performed but still wish to be tested to calculate your heartrate and power zones, the same test (as above) is applied, but without the lactate testing.

What you will take home from the test:

  • A printed report indicating your heartrate (and power zones), to be used for training purposes. This report will also graph your most recent test against any prior tests you’ve done with us so you can compare your current fitness level against previous levels.
  • The report will also show your lactate levels at each power level which is important to determine the effectiveness of your training, especially when compared to earlier tests.
  • We will also email you the Wattbike file from your test. This report includes 29 parameters including left/right leg power and efficiency analysis, calculated for every second of your test. This is a large file that will be zipped and emailed to you. You will need to download free Wattbike software in order to open and analyse your Wattbike file.

Power Profile Test
A power profile test is a test to assess whether you are adapting positively to the training (ie getting stronger).  The first power profile test you do gives you a baseline of what power you can achieve for each effort.  Subsequent tests allow you to assess where you are improving.  Many athletes find it motivating to be tested regularly as it is a way of measuring your improvement in fitness and strength. You can also look at how your power and power/weight for each effort compares to athletes at a State, National and International level. Depending on what races you have and what your training workload is like, we recommend U17, U19 and elite athletes get tested approximately every 10-14 weeks.

The protocol of the test includes the following efforts with specific rest periods after each:

  • two x 6sec sprints (using a small gear and big gear, respectively)
  • 15sec effort
  • 30sec effort
  • 1min effort
  • 4min effort, and finally a
  • 10min effort

You will receive a power profile report with the results of your test, including comparative data allowing you to measure yourself against Australia’s best athletes.  Your wattbike file will be emailed to you for your records.

Lactate testing on the wattbike

Want to get tested – what to do next?

  1. Make an appointment – email us (helen@kellycycling.com.au) and suggest a day and time you would like to be tested. Please include your contact number so we can contact you and confirm your booking.
  2. Print off and complete the Medical Consent Form. Remember to bring this with you to the test. You won’t be able to complete the test if this form isn’t completed.
  3. Easy spin only on the of the day your test (or complete rest) or your results will be inaccurate. Also limit your training volume and intensity the day prior to testing.
  4. Remember to bring your cycling shoes, bike knicks and hand towel
  5. If this is the first time we’ve tested you, please bring your bike measurements with you to replicate your current riding position:
    i) Tip of your bike seat to centre of handle bars, and
    ii) Top of centre of your saddle down to centre of bottom bracket (keeping tape in line with the down tube).

Please contact Helen to arrange a time to get tested.
Email: helen@kellycycling.com.au
Mobile: 0419 268 6440419 268 644

Testing location: 17 McNamara Street, Macleod