Personalised Coaching

If you are looking for an individual personalised cycling program written to fit in with your school, university or work commitments, we can help you.  We cater for juniors aspiring to become National level cyclists as well as U19, U23, elite and masters riders.

What we can offer you:

  • Personalised monthly training program
  • Opportunity to train with Level 2 cycling coaches (for those athletes living in Melbourne)
  • Ability to learn and enhance your current bike skills (descending, cornering, sprinting, riding in packs, etc)
  • Support at many races throughout the year
  • Advice on nutrition, core stability needs,
  • Professional bike and cleat setup
  • Qualified Scientific power and lactate testing
  • 15 years of coaching and directing experience at an International Level (Bob Kelly)
  • 8 years of professional international racing, including two road world championships (Helen Kelly)
  • the unique experience of being coached by a male and female coach, concurrently
  • 7 day week access via email, skype, text, phone call
How to get started:

Send an email to Bob Kelly ( or Helen Kelly ( and tell us you’re interested in being coached.

  1. If you are interested in being coached, please download:

The Kelly Cycle Coaching Start sheet needs to be printed and completed. This should take you a few days to do.

The Terms and conditions sheet also needs to be printed and signed.

Please fill in the blank calendars with your current school/work/uni commitments so we know what time you have available for training. Please write in any weekly racing, bunch rides, other rides with friends you would like incorporated into your program where possible.  We will use all of this information to write your individualised program.

Want to get started?

  1. Ring/email to arrange a time to have an initial meeting and athlete assessment with us.
  2. This meeting will take approximately 1.5-2hrs.  (all athletes under 18 need to be accompanied by at least one parent). This athlete assessment process will cost $100. Typically the initial set up for overseas athletes is done via skype once all paperwork has been scanned and received.
  3. In this meeting, we will go through your Program Start Sheet in detail and discuss your short and long term goals.
  4. We will also explain and show you how to correctly complete your blank calendars.  Information telling us when you can train and what other commitments you have, help us plan and write a personalised cycling program that you can follow.
  5. Bank details to setup the monthly ezypay payments will be completed at this time or invoicing via paypal for overseas athletes.  DDR_Form
  6. Complete road bike and cleat fit.  Please bring your road bike, shoes and knicks to this athlete assessment meeting as you will receive a bike fit as part of this athlete assessment cost. Further bike fit information.
  7. After we receive your completed blank calendars for at least two months we will plan and write your program. The first program will take between 3-6 days to complete.  This will be emailed to you.
  8. Regular communication with your coach will give you the best out of your coaching.  Communication can be via phone, skype, email, text, facebook, twitter, etc.
  9. You will also receive a complimentary pair of Kelly Cycle Coaching cycling socks at this meeting, as well as information about bike equipment chooses, nutrition, racing tactics, etc. Our overseas athletes are welcome to receive a pair of socks if they pay postage.

We have a competitive tiered pricing structure, reflecting the increased coaching and support required as an athlete moves up from junior categories into U19 and Open/Masters racing.  All monthly charges are automatically deducted via Ezypay on the 1st of each month or via paypal (for overseas athletes).  Please email us for monthly program prices.

Options for coaching programs
You can choose the level of coaching that suits your individual needs.

Option 1 – individual program
You will receive a personalised monthly training program and are able to communicate with the coaches by phone, skype, email, in person as required.

Option 2 – individual program plus online diary/power analysis
In addition to an individualised program, we  also offer an online diary / power analysis package.   This means we review your online diary, analyse your files, monitor your fatigue levels and gain feedback from you about how you feel on the bike, how the workouts felt, etc.  Most importantly, we can adjust your program if needed to account for fatigue levels.  It is real time coaching – manipulating your training sessions to adjust for factors which cannot be predicted when your program is planned and written ahead of time.

How does this work?

  • This feature works best for those athletes training with power so some form of power device is required (SRM, powertap, quarq cranks, garmin vector, pedals, etc)
  • Your purchase an online training peaks subsciption and give us access to your files or we can use Dropbox where you download your files from which we can access them.
  • The analysis involves reviewing and monitoring the intensity of your efforts, interpreting how hard the session felt, and giving consideration to your accumulated fatigue levels.
  • Many other factors are also analysed each week and month.
  • To train more professionally and learn to interpret your files, we suggest you purchase either an online Training Peaks subscription or WKO+3.0 software (from the training peaks website).  Click here to read more about the benefits of training with power.