Bike Fit

Do you need a bike fit?
You ride on weekends, maybe you commute to work or uni/school, or perhaps you are training more seriously but your bike doesn’t quite feel right?

  • Have you recently purchased a new bike but haven’t set it up correctly?
  • Do your shoulders and arms ache after a ride?
  • Do you get numb feet or hands during a ride?
  • Does your neck gets really stiff after a ride?
  • Is it uncomfortable to ride in the drops as you can’t reach the brakes or change gears in this position?

What is involved in a Kelly Cycle Coaching bike fit?

  • We review and set your cleat position correctly under your bike shoes,
  • review any foot pronation and ensure your model of cycling shoe maximises your foot comfort
  • We assess what type of cyclist you are, as this governs the position you would like to ride in (ie a commuter versus a road racer, mountain biker, CX rider, etc)
  • We perform an initial review of you on your bike – review flexibility issues, previous injuries that may inhibit range of motion, current injuries, etc
  • We consider any left/right leg length differences
  • We adjust your saddle to ensure it maximises comfort and you are correctly positioned relative to the bottom bracket/pedal axel and your patella
  • Review your bike saddle shape/width to assess how well it supports your ‘sit bones’
  • We review your hands, wrists, shoulders, head angle and upper body when in your riding position looking for pressure points and areas of discomfort.
  • We then suggest position and perform any needed adjustments based on our findings.

What do you need to bring?

  • Your bike (mtb, road, track, time trial, CX)
  • Cycling knicks
  • Cycling shoes

A complete bike fit will take about 1 hour.  All bike fits are by appointment only.  Please use the form below to arrange your bike fit.

After your bike set up, if there have been significant changes made, it may take a couple of rides for your body to adjust to your new position.  This could mean that dormant muscles are now being recruited so a period of adjustment is often needed.

After two or three rides, we ask you to contact us and tell us how the new position feels.  Your feedback is important and helps ensure you are completely happy with your new position.

If you purchase new components such as a different saddle, handle bars, new shoes, cleats or pedals and want us to perform a follow up bike review, this is also possible.

Bike Fit Service Charges  Cost
Complete bike and cleat fit – adjustable seat post $200
Complete bike and cleat fit – integrated seat post (extra time required for cutting carbon) $220
Bike fit review – returning your bike with saddle, bars, pedals, new shoes, etc $70


Payment can be made at conclusion of your fit.

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