Our team development pathway

Foundation Technology Development Team

Making it to A Grade requires hard training, talent and plenty of motivation. Having a team environment to learn team tactics, bike skills and having team mates makes the development process much more enjoyable.

Our pathway involves a B and C grade Foundation Technology team which competes in VRS and local races, aimed at creating a supportive learning environment.  The Foundation Technology team riders mentored by the A grade women’s Pitcher Partners team.

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Kelly Cycle Coaching prides itself on being able to develop riders from D grade or entry level and turn them into National Champions and National level riders.  With our process-based coaching philosophy, we have had proven success with developing many riders over the years.

This includes riders such as:

  • Angus Lyons
  • Maccie Carter
  • Paddy Burt
  • Drew Morey
  • Justine Barrow
  • Ben Andrews
  • Liam and Nick White

Our major sponsors, Drapac and Pitcher Partners, believe in the way we develop our riders.  We use a well-rounded approach where work/study/family commitments are important and the training program is designed around these lifestyle commitments.

Bec Michael Paddy

We find this approach is a proven formula as it allows an athlete to retain a healthy balance between cycling and other life commitments. This method of coaching is KCC’s philosophy of retaining a balance between life and sport.

Bec Mick Paddy

Foundation Team

KCC helps you develop in all facets of your cycling so you arrive at a National level without neglecting areas of your development.  Our coaching approach ensures we assess and develop your:

  • horsepower
  • skills
  • tactics
  • bike position and technique
  • core stability/strength & flexibility
  • nutrition & diet
  • management
Bob at the MicHelen at the Mic


 Pat Brett  Foundation Girls
 KCC Tent and Foundation riders  Maddy
 LachieClarke  Jordyn Ally Rose
Maddy and Saff C Grade boys with Bob