Personalised Coaching

If you are looking for an individual personalised cycling program written to fit in with your work/uni/school commitments, we can help you.  We cater to all athletes – age is no barrier.

KCC Vehicles

What we can offer you:

  • Personalised monthly training program (road, track, mountain bike, CX)
  • Opportunity to train with Level 2 cycling coaches (for those athletes living in Melbourne)
  • Ability to learn and enhance your current bike skills (descending, cornering, sprinting, riding in bunches, etc)
  • Support at many races throughout the year – learn tactics and team racing
  • Advice on nutrition,
  • Stretching and core stability needs,
  • Professional bike and cleat setup
  • Qualified Scientific power and lactate testing
  • 15 years of coaching and directing experience at an International Level (Bob Kelly)
  • 8 years of professional international racing, including two road world championships (Helen Kelly)
  • the unique experience of being coached by a male and female coach, concurrently
  • 7 day week access via email, skype, text, phone

If this sounds like something for you, then here is how to Get Started with KCC.

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