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Randalls – Track Nationals Report

David training at a local criterium

Kelly Cycle Coaching athlete, David Randall (also a member of the men’s ParkTrent team) recently returned to focus on the VRS Road Series with his team, after spending several months as a trackie last year. Highlights included winning the Points race at the State Track champs and coming top 10 at Nationals. His training included endless ergo and track sessions where he rode til he almost spewed……but all in the pursuit of getting faster!!!

Here is what David had to say when we asked him about his time in Adelaide recently and all the track specific training in preparation.

Report by David Randall.

In early 2013, I sat down with Helen and Bob Kelly and planned out the year ahead.  Having finished my schooling in 2012, I hadn’t had the preparation I would have liked coming into that track season.  My primary aim for 2013 was qualifying for selection in the Victorian State Track Team.

I was invited to train with an extended U19 endurance squad during the second half of 2013, and then achieved State team selection following a win in the Points Race and 5th in the Individual Pursuit at the State Track Championships in December.  I was in the U19 men’s endurance squad with Mat ‘Rossy’ Ross, Jordan Stannus, Jack Hickey and Lucas Hamilton.

State Scatch Race with Jordan and Jack

I was lucky enough to have a great team around me, all of whom were important in supporting my preparation for my first Nationals experience.

David training at a local criterium

As I had finished 5th at States and only 4 Victorians could compete in the 3km Individual Pursuit on day one, I rode the Kilometre Time Trial.  In an event I hadn’t specifically prepared for, I was happy to hold onto 10th place, my first ever top 10 finish in a national-level race!  I watched my teammate Braeden Dean claim the gold medal in clinical fashion, taking 5 seconds out of me in just a kilometre.  The kid is fast!

The scratch race on day two was a race in which any one of us was a chance – we just had to make it through a qualifying heat early in the day.  I managed to lap the field with two others and took the ‘win’ – all four Victorians were in the final.  We planned to be aggressive throughout the 10km race – Jordan and I both made multiple moves off the front but teammates of favourites shut every strong move down before it could build a dangerous advantage.  Jack took Rossy to the front with a couple of laps to go and Rossy ended up coming 2nd – fair to say we were stoked with a silver medal!  I finished 9th in the final, another result to celebrate!

In the points race, we had another afternoon heat to qualify for the final in the evening.  Half-way through, as I was near the front of the bunch, Lucas and Jordan fell victim to a large crash which took down half the field – Jordan was, devastatingly, unable to ride the points race and madison due to a nasty leg wound.  In the final, Lucas lapped the field in a group of six and eventually finished 5th in a hard race.  I played domestique and emptied the tank doing the lead out before the final sprint.

Saturday was disappointing for Jack and I as we were unable to finish the madison due to mechanical issues with Jack’s bike, but Lucas and Rossy put the hammer down and took the win ahead of two WA teams who couldn’t seem to keep the rubber side down!

David Randall in the pursuit at State Champs

I was relieved to stay upright all week and have some good results with the team – after working so hard for three months, I’ve taken a week off the bike and started focussing on the upcoming road season.  I’m looking forward to catching up with the Park Trent boys and girls more over the next few weeks and hit the climbs!

I’m thankful to that team around me, who motivated me and kept me grounded through the summer:  thank you to my parents and family, especially Dad who’s been my main supporter for the last 12 months and even flew over to Adelaide for the week – to my family and dad – I really appreciate the constant driving, spectating and motivation; to Bob and Helen Kelly, who took me in a year ago and have helped me improve on and off the bike – I’d never have realised how incredibly beneficial a great coach and team can be, without them; thank you to my sponsors, Park Trent Properties, Bicycle Superstore and the generous supporters of the Team; to Hilton Clarke, Mark Drehlich and Cycling Victoria, for making our lives in Adelaide easier and running the team flawlessly all week; to the team, for the fun and relaxed atmosphere all week and for inspirational performances all round!

Randall heading to Nationals

David Randall in action

KCC rider and (Park Trent team and Bicycle Super Store sponsored rider), David Randall ticked off two of his goals with a win in the Points race at the State Track Championships and being named in the Victorian State track team.

David competed in the Individual Pursuit on the Saturday, then backed up on the Sunday to take out the Points race title.  His improved strength and endurance over the past 12 months was deomonstrated by his move off the front with another rider for the last 9 laps of the 100 lap event, and also taking out the final sprint to win the event by 6 points.

David wins the Points race at the State Track Champs

David Randall in action

Well done David on your State title and PB in your pursuit.

David Randall - looking focused

Champion of Champions

Jess coming out of the start gates

Kelly Cycle Coaching track athlete, Jess Laws has recently returned from the Masters Track Nationals, held in Perth.  Jess has been very successful as a track sprinter, but 15 months ago decided to also give the endurance track events a go.  Here is what she had to say about her week in Perth.

Jess coming out of the start gates

So congrats Jess.  You’ve recently returned from the Masters track nats where you’ve had a great week of racing.  What were your thoughts in the final week before competition?  (were you quietly optimistic, nervous, excited to see how your legs would go?)

Tapering in the final week is hard as you notice every little niggle or bit soreness more, I think its because you’re freshening up and not so tired! I was optimistic especially with the sprint events as my training had shown some good signs. I also knew that I had experience which always counts if the competition is strong. I was hoping to get a good time in the pursuit and the flying 200m and also expecting to medal, preferably gold, but you never know what form the other riders may have! I was looking forward to racing at the Track Masters as its always fun, you get to catch-up with old friends and make new ones, its very social, even the commissaires seem to have fun!

Training in Albury on an outdoor track has been great for giving you strength, although I am sure the headwinds, etc, must make it hard for you to get that fast feeling that the boards and disc wheels provide?

Training outdoors has its moments, but it does make you tougher I think. Obviously, the weather has a big impact on the training you can do, especially the wind, but we are lucky to have a track so I dont complain. The biggest issue is trying to relate training gears, times and efforts to their equivalent on an indoor velodrome, which is where the competitions are held. I am lucky in that our track here is a banked 250m velodrome, so visualisation and timing/positioning of efforts are easier. Other things we did to help was to use a motorbike and I also had a training partner most sessions. We have learnt to gear down on the outdoor track to accommodate the conditions, which seems to work. I also have a powertap which definately helps to relate to the indoor velodrome. I have been fortunate enough to have trained and race alot on fast wheels on the boards so I have no worries there – it actually makes you more positive as you know there are always big gains to be made in racing!

What was your first event of the competition?  What gear did you ride and how did the race unfold?  How did you tackle this event?

My first event was the 2000m pursuit, my weakest event. I was reasonably nervous as its a tough event for the first one of the comp and I knew the opposition would be fast. My goal was to ride a time to get me into the gold medal ride-off and go from there. It was really hot too – mid 30 degrees. Warm-up was something we had to really think about as the qualifying wasn’t until nearly the end of the session, so I kept getting on the rollers for a few minutes to keep the legs moving, but also had to make sure I stayed really hydrated. My heat went well, I was racing on double-discs and I rode to time until I could see the other rider in the bends. I wasn’t expecting this so I stayed as I knew I would get in the final. In the final I rode the same gear, and I went out quite hard, unfortunately I couldnt back up the second km and got silver.  In hindsight I should have kept going for a good time in the qualiying round, but I actually think I was a bit flat overall that day, so all-in-all, a good result.

Jess pursuiting

What was your next event?  Was there any particular strategy you decided to implement?  What was the race result?

The next day was the 5km scratch race. I was much more confident for this race, I knew that tactics would be important as I would be racing the women from the pursuit so endurance wasn’t a problem. I decided to ride like a sprinter and wait for a sprint finish, all the time making sure I knew where my strongest opponent was. I was expecting attacks by the enduro types and one went away but I didn’t chase, and in the end we reeled her back in as a collective. WIth about 4 laps to go, the race became a derby – to my liking! Someone attacked with two laps to go and I jumped on her wheel for a lead out. With a lap to go I attacked – a full 275m sprint! In the home straight another rider was at my side and so I lunged at the finish – I won Gold in photo fininsh! Later we got to look at the photo – literally millimetres separated us on the line. I was proud of myself as I initiated and committed and came through with the results.

And your 3rd event?  Were the conditions in the velodrome suited to fast times? What gear did you select?  What was your warm up for this event?

The third day was sprint day – at last! My legs felt great during the track warm-up. I rode for about 15mins on the track on a little gear and then did some entries including one on my race gear. Everytime I had warmed-up on the track so far I had practiced my 200m line – the Speed-dome has quite different transitions (where the banking goes from the straights to the bends) and so it would be very important to get the timing and line right for the flying 200m. You need to get the most out of the banking as you can, drop down too early and you don’t get the full benefit of height and [dropping down] too late you start going back up and wash-off speed.

I had a pretty big gear on, as it was hot again and I would be using double-discs. Once again our qualifying wasn’t until near the end of all the riders so again, I kept turning my legs over on the rollers. I was second last to ride off, and when I finished, I realised I had broken the Australian record and was 0.3secs faster than my nearest opponent!  When I got into the gold medal finals, I was focused, I had a plan. You have to have a plan going into the match sprints, but you also have to be adaptable so a backup plan is good too! This is where experience really helps as some moves become instinctive. I made sure I controlled the race from the front and when I sprinted my opponent, she couldn’t get over me. As soon as I got back to my rollers I was thinking of the next ride and my tactics for it.  This time I stayed at the back, although I knew she wanted to be there. I was able to jump around her and once I went passed her on the back straight, I knew I had won!

Husband Kevin holds Jess before the match sprint

And your final race?  The 500mTT.  Tell us how that went?

On the last day was the 500m TT. My time wasn,t brilliant (for me) but was enough to win Gold again.

And we believe you were crowned champion of champions!  What a fantastic achievement.

Yes, I was awarded Champion of Champions which is like an omnium I suppose. It was very rewarding especially having crossed the country to race.

For those unaware, can you tell us about your injury in Dec/Jan and how we’ve had to adjust your training in the lead up to this event.

In December I was doing a road ride when I developed sever pain down my right shoulder and arm. I have had this pain a few years before and knew straight away that I had Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, where essentially my arm nerves were getting squashed causing pain and weakeness. So I basically stayed off the bike for three weeks – which meant I couldn’t do my road block or ride the Christmas carnivals like I had planned. I had lots of physio and did lots of stretching. When I did get on the bike we had to change my training dramatically by reducing the time I spent with my upper back bent over. So we did this by reducing my road kms and doing more shorter rides, ergos and track work, as well as strengthening in the gym and pilates.  [From a coaching perspective, this meant we had to focus and rely on strength/power gained from gym work, ergo’s and track workouts and avoid longer training road rides, so risking losing some endurance but necessary to prevent re-injury.  It worked!!!!]

And so what’s next for you Jess?  What lies ahead later this year?

I intend to race at the UCI World Masters Track Cycling Championships in Manchester in October, and after that I go up an age-group so perhaps more records to break on the track!

Well congrats once again.  You’ve shown that with determination and consistent training, you’ve transferred across from pure sprinting to being an all rounder, very much suited to omnium style events.

Victorian Masters Track Championships

JessLawsPursuiting_FrontOf WebsitePhoto

Kelly Cycle Coaching athletes, Lisa Jackson and Jessica Laws competed in the Victorian Masters Track Championships last weekend.  Here is Jess’s report on how the weekend unfolded.

Race Report Jess Laws – Victorian Masters Track Championships February 2012

The decision was made to compete at this event for a few different reasons. I wanted to see how I was going in the 2000m pursuit compared with when I did the omnium, I would get to practice pacing with Helen as I have a tendency to go out hard (from my sprint background), and as the 500m time trial was on the same day, it would mean I would get a few gate starts as well. I also entered the sprint and the scratch race on the Sunday to see how my flying 200m was fairing with the transitioning to endurance work – it would be a good gauge of how my strength was, and the scratch race, well they’re fun!  I also wanted to support the master’s event, as women’s numbers seemed to be lacking, which I found strange as I know quite a few women of masters age who ride the track – go figure? So I entered all the events, kind of like a ‘mini’ omnium of sorts!

Saturday was hot and saw the 500m first and from previous experience I had a pretty good idea of my warm-up procedure. Sprinting obviously requires different energy systems to endurance and so not only did I do roller warm-up but I also did a few ‘jumps’ on the boards to get a feel of the gear I was going to race in and to ensure my body was awake and activated to burst out of that gate! I was one of the first up. I had a good, clean start and came home well. My time was good for where I was at, considering I had done no track starts for three and a half months, so I was happy. Plus it was good enough to secure Gold – no complaints there!

The battle would be for the pursuit. Bob had been coaching another mum (Lisa Jackson), and she was going pretty good, so it would be interesting to see what our times would be like, the big question being would we race against each other in the finals? My warm-up was a little different this time – all on the rollers and ensuring I had plenty of load in my legs and the right energy systems were activated. My main goal for the qualifying was to not go out too hard in the first 3 laps, which I did really well, and so I was able to increase my laps times and finish to qualify second behind Lisa by a couple of tenths. Importantly, I hadn’t buried myself and knew I had more in me for the final ride off for gold – the race was on!

Jess - on her way to winning the pursuit

It was a friendly rivalry as Lisa and I relaxed between heats and finals, finding a cool, airy place to rest up. It would be a great race as Lisa has fantastic endurance from her triathlon days and I had the strength from my sprinting. We couldn’t look more different as athletes! I had the benefit of experience as it was Lisa’s first track competition since taking up track cycling. Helen and I talked about our race plan before going up to the start – that’s right, race plan! Not only was I trying to get a better time than my qualifying, but I wanted to win. But not everything goes to plan, I went out too hard, I was 3sec head of schedule after 500m, and by halfway Lisa was 1 sec up on me. In the last few laps, Helen was asking me to ‘lift’, which was easier said than done, but I knew Lisa was ahead of me with 2 to go and so I just pulled out everything I had. When the bell went with 1 lap to go, Lisa’s bell rang first so I gave it all. In the end I was able to win gold, but by only .5sec – it was a fantastic race, and Lisa rode brilliantly, we had both improved on our times too. (Helen also scored 1 up on Bob!)

Sunday, saw another hot day. I had to have a big warm-up on the rollers to get the soreness out of my legs and then go out onto the track to do a couple of entries. I was looking forward to doing a bit of sprinting, however when I did my jumps, my legs felt a little heavy from the day before. Not to worry though. I did my flying 200m time trial and did the same time as I had done in the omnium and country track champs in Novemeber2011! No specific sprint track training just working with Helen on the road mainly and still had my strength and power – nice! I seeded number one and went on to win the gold in straight wins in the semis and finals.  Unfortunately as there was a lack of numbers in the women entries for the 5km scratch race, the race was combined and so we had women from categories 1 to 6 riding. We all rode together for 19 laps until the bell and we raced home, I finished 1st and received gold also. It was nice to see the women who made the effort to come and race received medals too.

All in all a good weekend’s worth of racing with some promising results. I achieved my goals, practiced the processes involved and made some new friends. Most importantly, I had FUN!

(A special thanks to Helen and Bob for all their help on pursuit day, to my mum and son for providing a rent-a-crowd, and to Kevin, my husband, come mechanic, come team manager extraordinaire!)

Junior Track Nats – Results

Emily hits out (Junior State Titles)

Congratulations to Emma Bilston, Emilie Wordie Thompson and Thomas Verleys-Donk for their fine performances at the Junior Track National Championships at Dunc Gray, Sydney over the weekend.

Notable results include:

Emma Bilston

Individual 2km Pursuit – 1st
500m time trial – 5th
Scratch Race – 7th

Thomas Verleys Donk Scratch Race – 4th
Pursuit 2min41sec
500m 12th
Emily Wordie Thompson Pursuit – New PB
Scratch race – 10th
(VIC team mate Ruby 1st)

Well done guys – fantastic riding by you all.

Emily hits out (Junior State Titles)

Australian Junior Track Championships

Thomas Verleys-Donk in action at State Titles

Thomas Verleys-Donk in action at State Titles

The athletes and coaches of Kelly Cycle Coaching wish the following Kelly Cycling athletes goodluck, who are competing in the Australian Junior Track Championships:

  • Thomas Verleys-Donk
  • Emily Wordie-Thompson
  • Emma Bilston

The event is being held at Dunc Gray Velodrome, Sydney from 17-19 March 2011.  Results can be found at Cycling Australia’s site.

Emily relaxes before her pursuit final

Emma and Emily (soon representing Victoria in the Australian Triathlon Championships)

Junior State Track Championships


The Victorian Junior Track Championships were held at DISC on the weekend. Yesterday’s 40C temperature on the metal roof of DISC made the track almost unbearable so it was a credit to the athletes who managed to perform well in such extreme conditions.

Coops and Drew – always up to ‘no good’

Are you talking to me?

Congratulations to Emily Wordie-Thompson (U17), Emma Bilston (U15) and Thomas Verleys-Donk (u15) who all made the Victorian Track Team and will be competing in the Junior National Championships in March.

Emily WT in the 500m

Some great results from weekend include:

Athlete Results Comment Medal Winners
Emily Dunk

3rd Pursuit

Personal best (PB) time

Points race – Emily Dunk

Emma Bilston

1st Pursuit





3rd Time Trial

2nd Points Race


Qualified for the
Victorian State

U15 podium – Pursuit

Thomas Verleys Donk

2nd Pursuit





3rd Time Trial

1st Points


Qualified for the
Victorian State

Thomas won the Points race

Emily Wordie-Thompson 3rd Pursuit
Qualified for the
Victorian State

Sean McIver rode really well and did PB’s in all 3 events (pursuit, TT and flying 200). He was particularly stoked to do a 36.7sec for his TT.

Sean McIver – 3 events and 3 PB’s

Similarly, Mark Kelly did PB’s in both his pursuit and TT, and finished just outside the medals in the Points Race, against riders that were so much bigger than himself.

Thomas won 3 medals

Ben Andrews, Harry Dziubinski, Pierce Connor, Patrick Cosgrave, Jayden Cooper, Drew Morey, Jacko Quibell and Ashley Gillespie all did well with some PB’s in their pursuits, time trials and flying 200’s – well done guys.

Ash did a great gate start

Emma Bilston and Emily Dunk – Points race action

Please click here to go to CSV’s site to see the PDF document showing all lap times for each athlete for the championships.

Emily wins bronze in the pursuit

Christmas Track Carnivals

Here are some great photos from the Shepparton track carnival last Wednesday.  Apparently, it was hot, windy and dusty with a million locusts flying about – sounds fun!!!  Special thanks to Robin Dunk who provided us with these photos.

Well done – some great results leading up to Junior State track championships.  Please refer to the CSV website for all track carnival results.

Liam White, Monica Kelly, Mark Kelly, Emily Wordie-Thompson, Pat Cosgrave and Jack Quibell also raced well in Horsham with several podium results.  Great riding guys!!!

Thomas Verleys-Donk has been in Tasmania racing the track carnival with a mixture of good results.

Senior State Track Championships

Congratulations to our senior athletes who competed and did well on the weekend at the Senior State Track Championships.

Notable results include:

Harry Bade

4th Individual Pursuit
3rd Points Race

Monica Kelly 3rd Points Race
Hannah Macdougall 1st Individual Pursuit
1st 500m TT
with a 5sec PB in her pursuit
Liam White 1.3sec PB in 1km TT

Bryce Morey and Will Allen (who are both doing big km’s (over 200km on Tuesday) in preparation for the upcoming Bay Crits Series), rode well, despite the training fatigue in their legs.  They certainly looked the part with brand new 5 spoke and rear discs, supplied by Kelly Cycle Coaching, and available for use by our senior track athletes.

Brent and Harry sprinting in the Points Race

Other athletes, who we assist with their track preparation, also rode well including Brent Nelson, Shaun O’Callaghan and Cameron Parleviet.  Shaun suffered a fall half way through the Points Race but got back out there and attacked a few laps later, showing his determination to race hard.  Brent won the 1km TT, 4km individual pursuit (with a 5ec PB) and points race as he focuses on the omnium at Track Nationals in February.

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