Bike Fit

Is this your situation?
You spend hours out riding on weekends, maybe you ride to work or uni/school, or perhaps you are training more seriously but you don’t actually know if you’re riding in an ideal position.

  • Have you recently purchased a new bike but aren’t sure if it set up correctly?
  • Have you outgrown your old bike and you’ve started riding another bike but it just doesn’t feel quite right?
  • Do your shoulders and arms ache after a ride?
  • Do you get numb feet or hands during a ride?
  • Does your neck gets really stiff after a ride?
  • Is it difficult for you to ride in the drops because you can’t reach the brakes or change gears in this position?
  • Are you an adolescent going through growth sperts and suddenly your bike feels too small?

What is a bike fit?

  • Review of your cleat position and fit of your bike shoes
  • Discussion of what type of cyclist you are, governs the position you would like to ride in (ie a commuter versus a road racer)
  • Initial review of you on your bike including a discussion of any flexibility issues, previous injuries that may inhibit range of motion, current injuries, etc
  • Other considerations include left/right leg length differences and perhaps considerations that need the attention of a physio (rotated hips, other alignment issues)
  • Review and adjustment where necessary to ensure you are correctly positioned relative to the bottom bracket (too far forward can cause a sheering effect on your knees)
  • Discussion and review of your bike seat including how well it supports your ‘sit bones’
  • Analyse of your arms, head angle and upper body when in your riding position

What do I need to bring?

  • Your track, road and/or time trial bike (bring aero bars if you are getting a TT bike fitted)
  • Cycling knicks
  • Cycling shoes

A complete bike fit will take about 1-1.5hrs.  All bike fits are by appointment only.  Please ring or email us to arrange a time for your bike fit.

After your bike set up, if there have been significant changes made, it may take a couple of rides for your body to adjust to your new position.  Usually, previous major discomfort issues you may have had, will be eleviated.

After two or three rides, you should contact us and tell us how the new position feels.  Your feedback is important and helps ensure you are completely happy with your new position.  Occassionally, further minor adjustments may be required.


A complete bike and cleat fit costs $165 (incl GST).  Bikes with an integrated seatpost due to time involved in cutting the post cost $190 (incl GST).  Additional bikes fitted (at the time of the first bike fit) will cost $110. (incl GST).

Please note that all Kelly Cycle Coaching athletes who get an individualised monthly training program, will receive a complimentary first bike fit as part of the initial athlete consultation fee of $100.

Note: Bike fits for KCC programed athletes will be discounted to $110 (incl GST) and $130 (inc GST) for integrated seat posts.