Bike Fit Testimonials

At Kelly Cycle Coaching, we have performed many bike fits for cyclists ranging in ability from the recreational enthuisiast all the way to the professional rider.  Regardless of your cycling performance, it is vital that you feel comfortable on your bike, that your seat isn’t a torture device and that you are in a position that helps you ride with more control/balance, comfort and performance.

The following are various testimonials from cyclists who have had a bike fit from Kelly Cycle Coaching.


I had a bike fit with you guys a while ago and have been really happy with my bike ever since!! It eliminated my knee pain and I feel a lot more comfortable on my bike, so thank you! When I was there I had my tri bars but needed to get them cut, which I have done (Herb was great, thanks for recommending him!). [Olivia].


Well it certainly feels different but is now feeling much better.  I did a long ride at the beach on the weekend and that’s where I could really feel the benefit from the lower seat…….I’m sure I looked more pro as well ;-).

I can also descend in the drops now and feel much more in control cornering.

And the left hand side of my sit bone didn’t ache the way it normally does after a Beach rd ride. I can’t believe we didn’t realise the seat wasn’t straight.

So my thanks to you and Bob for the bike fit! [Alex].


New position is definitely feeling good though already, no saddle discomfort whatsoever!
The only muscle difference I’m feeling is that the quads feel like they’ve done some work the day after a ride, which is great because I’ve been trying to build them up for ages with squats and lunges. [Ingrid].


Thanks for the bike fit. I did 60 fast kms this morning and the size of the bike felt immediately more suited. Pedalling I think was smoother and I felt like I was using more muscles in my thighs and glutes.

So far so good.  [Andrew].


Thanks again for your time. Very informative and fun. I’m looking forward to looking at saddles when the kids go to bed! [Chris].