KCC Sponsors

Kelly Cycle Coaching would like to thank the following sponsors for their generous support:

  • Airport Toyota
  • Bicycle Super Store
  • Foundation Technologies
  • Ventou clothing
  • Swift Signs
  • IOS Inspired Orthotic Solutions


Airport Toyota

For all your Toyota needs, please visit the friendly staff at Airport Toyota.




For all your cycling needs please visit your local Bicycle Super Stores. Their stores are conveniently located throughout Melbourne.


Many athletes really neglect their feet and don’t realise the benefits of professionally fitted orthotics.  Some cycling shoes may have less arch support than you need, leaving your feet sliding around inside your shoes.  Or perhaps your feet are pronated and you need support to straighten them out.  Whatever your foot problem is, Jason can provide you with expert advice.

For all of your orthotic requirements, please contact Jason Nichols of IOS.