Here are a number of questions we get asked frequently by athletes thinking about being coached by Kelly Cycle Coaching.

Does it matter what cycling club I belong to?
No, we coach riders from many different clubs. We are Carnegie members but we coach athletes who belong to the following clubs:
Ballarat/Sebastapol, Horsham, Albury, Wangaratta, Mercantile, Carnegie, Brunswick, Footscray, Geelong, Blackburn, Hawthorn, St Kilda, Southern Vets.

Do you coach masters cyclists as well as younger riders such as U17’s, U19’s and U23 riders?
Yes, definitely. We coach cyclists from all ages. Our youngest athlete is 15 and our oldest athlete, (Masters 6 Metro Champion), has just turned 56. We don’t see age as an obstacle but only request that athletes are keen about wanting to improve from their current level.

Do I have to race in Kelly Cycle Coaching kit as I have my own sponsors?
No, you can race in whatever kit you want to race in and we encourage you to support your sponsors.  Our kit is not compulsory but many of our athletes wear it because it is very reasonably priced and is excellent quality.

As a parent, what are my main responsbilities in respect to you coaching my child?
We encourage regular communication with us.  In particular, we like to hear how your child is coping with their school work, family commitments and in particular any warning signs in respect to growth spurts, prolonged fatigue, onset of a cold, etc so we can adapt their workload accordingly.

Do you have physio’s, dieticians and sports doctors you recommend?
Yes, definitely.  The first thing you should do is ring us and tell us about your situation. We have some first class health professionals that we can suggest you contact.  One of our physio’s, Wendy, is the Head Physio for the upcoming London Olympics so this demonstrates the calibre of professionals, Kelly Cycle Coaching is proud to be associated with.

Do you ride with the athletes?
Yes, when possible we ride and teach our athletes different skills whilst out on the bikes with them.  Of course this depends where you live so we usually offer school holiday rides so all our country and city based athletes can come and train together.

Training on the bike with our athletes is something many other coaches don’t offer, and we belive this is particularly beneficial to young developing riders.  They need to be taught so many skills: how to descend, ride out of the seat, corner quickly and without changing your line, look behind them whilst riding in a straight line, how to eat and drink when riding, riding close to other riders, bunny hoping, U turns, rotating paceline, etc.  These are all the skills athletes will need to have mastered well if they are to be successful at U19 and elite level.

If I want to buy Kelly Cycle Clothing how do I do this?
It’s easy.  There is an order form on our website.  Just fill it in and send it to us.  Hopefully we have your size in stock, if not, you’ll have to wait until we re-order but we try to do 2 orders each year.

Can you coach me specifically with power?
Yes, we coach many athletes who use power, (in conjunction with heartrate), to monitor your training efforts and improve the way you train. In fact, we encourage U19 and older athletes to make the transition to using power, and take on our power analysis option of coaching.  Power gives you instant feedback (measured output), rather than only having heart rate as to make an assessment on your training efforts.

Do you run cycling camps?
Yes we do.  Our camps are typically based up at Bright.  Please email us to find out when the next camp will be held.