Our development pathway

Foundation Technology Development Approach

Making it to A Grade and beyond, requires hard training, talent and plenty of motivation. Having an environment to learn tactics, bike skills and having cycling mates makes the development process much more enjoyable.

Our pathway develops cyclists in VRS and local races, aimed at creating a supportive learning environment.  Foundation Technologies supports the development of some of our younger riders who are balancing university and/or work and cycling.


Kelly Cycle Coaching prides itself on being able to develop riders from D grade or entry level and progress many of them into National Champions and place them into NRS teams.  With our process-based coaching philosophy, we have had proven success with developing many riders over the years.

This includes riders such as:

  • Angus Lyons
  • Maccie Carter
  • Paddy Burt
  • Drew Morey
  • Justine Barrow
  • Ben Andrews
  • Liam and Nick White
  • Rebecca Stephens

We use a well-rounded approach where work/study/family commitments are important and the training program is designed around these lifestyle commitments.

We find this approach is a proven formula as it allows an athlete to retain a healthy balance between cycling and their other life commitments and helps “maintain the fun” aspect of cycling. This method of coaching is KCC’s philosophy of retaining a balance between life and sport.

KCC Tent and Foundation riders

KCC helps you develop in all facets of your cycling so you arrive at a National level without neglecting any important areas of your development.  Our coaching approach ensures we assess and develop your:

  • skills
  • horsepower
  • understanding of how to train correctly
  • tactics
  • bike position and technique
  • core stability/strength & flexibility
  • nutrition & diet
  • management
Bob at the MicHelen at the Mic


 Pat Brett  Foundation Girls
 Jordz on the rollers  Maddy
 LachieClarke  Jordyn Ally Rose
Maddy and Saff C Grade boys with Bob