Macdonald Shaw Riders

Greg Macdonald (General Manager of Macdonald Shaw), along with Kelly Cycle Coaching, Fitzroy Cycles, Walkinshaw Performance and Powered by Cummquott are all involved in the Macdonald Shaw Cycling Team.   The combined financial assistance from Greg Macdonal, Bill Hocking, Tony Harris and Mark Cummings, has helped provide an emerging group of riders a better chance to develop into National level riders, along with support and coaching assistance from Helen and Bob.

The Macdonald Shaw Cycling Team is officially made up of the following U19 and U23 Kelly Cycle Coaching riders.

Aaron Eynaud Blackburn Club 18 years old
Trent Morey Carnegie Club 18 years old
Clement Boydell Carnegie Club 16 years old
Brad Wills Carnegie Club 17 years old
Munro Boydell Carnegie Club 16 years old
Will Allen Carnegie Club 16 years old
Hayden Eynaud Blackburn Club 16 years old
James Cummings Carnegie Club 17 years old
Liam White Sebastapol-Ballarat Club 17 years old
Michael Hale Carnegie Club 16 years old
Bryce Morey Carnegie Club 16 years old

One of Macdonald Shaw’s business motos “where talent meets opportunity” aligns well with what this team offers our athletes in terms of development and opportunites.  More news soon on their first team race, the Bay Criterium Series.

Fitzroy Cyles, Carnegie

Powered by Cummquott.

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