Docklands Ride – Sunday 18th July

Where: Docklands down towards Frankston with a toilet stop in Mordiallic

When: 9am

Why: Training with the coaches will help you ride better.  It’s a good chance to ask all your questions about training, what racing you should be doing, etc. 

Note: Bob will be doing this ride.  Helen will at Docklands conducting power/lactate tests all day, but hopes to see you at the end for a bite to eat or a coffee.

Intensity: This will be a low intensity endurance ride.  For those needing to do efforts, you will be able to do this (where safe) off the front of the bunch, and then sit up to recover and wait for the bunch to catch you.

You can join into the group along the way, if you don’t want to start at Docklands.  Just text Bob and let him know where to meet you.

What to bring

  • 2 tubes, bike pump & tyre levers,
  • 2 drink bottles,
  • Rain jacket (if the radar looks dodgy.  Check it first thing)
  • Training food (muesli bars, jam sandwich, etc)

And good luck to everyone racing tomorrow in the Melbourne to Ballarat or Ballan to Ballarat.

Bob will be out in the beast during Ballan/Melbourne to Ballarat